Reserved Baby Sugar Gliders
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Looking for sugar gliders in Florida?

You are in the right place :) 

Welcome to MyGliders.

We are proud to be a USDA licensed breeder of sugar gliders. We are located in Central Florida, Lakeland.

Owner Donna Shivler

Co-owner Katie Shivler







We are also Florida Fish and Wildlife licensed (class 3). You must have this license if you are selling sugar gliders or hedgehogs in the state of Florida.


Sugar gliders are my passion. I'm dedicated to the breeding, caring, and loving of these wonderful pocket pets. I'm proud to offer hand-tamed, sweet and friendly baby joeys from my home to yours. We are currently working with these colors: Classic Grey, Leu Het (they carry the white gene), White-Faced Blond (my favorite), Leucistic (white glider with black eyes), Platinum and Mosaic. We currently have nine breeding pairs. All of my gliders are part of my family and they are all healthy and happy. I always have at least two with me every where I go. I just enjoy having them around and raising their little joeys. They are all handled by me and my family from the first day out of pouch and we do get attached to each and everyone of them. I have owned sugar gliders since 2004 and I have been breeding them since 2009. I mainly adopt out to pet only homes. If you are interested in breeding my babies and would like to look at their lineage please email me and let me know.




Here are two veterinarians in the area that I recommend.

Marcum Road Animal Hospital

MyPet's Animal Hospital

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Lakeland, FL