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JOEY #260

AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP: January 17, 2017

PARENTS: Ziggy & Zoey

COLOR: Mosaic

OOP DATE: November 22, 2016

SEX: Male

ADOPTION FEE: $500 pet only

Contact for breeding price

STATUS: available



There is a $250.00 deposit to reserve this baby joey until he/she is 8 weeks oop, that is not refundable. This will only reserve him/her until he/she is 8 weeks, at 7 weeks you have to make arrangements to pick him/her up at 8 weeks oop. If he/she is not picked up by 9 weeks I will put him/her back up for adoption unless you have made other arrangements with me. You can reserve this joey with the buy now button for $250.00. When you pick your baby joey up you will need to pay $250.00  in cash for a total of $500.00. I will need you to email me with your contact information. I will need your name, an address and phone number.