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Sugar Gliders

Sugar Glider Adoption Policies

I have done my research on sugar gliders and I understand and agree that

  • sugar gliders are nocturnal.
  • Sugar gliders are very social animals and need to be kept in at least pairs.
  • sugar gliders have their own personalities.
  • any animal with teeth can bite even a sugar glider.
  • sugar gliders need a safe place to hide and sleep. You will provide a safe cage set and pouches.
  • sugar gliders need exercise and a proper wheel. You will provide a safe wheel for your sugar glider.
  • sugar gliders need a proper diet and fresh water daily. You will research and find an approved diet NOT pellets. I use the OHPW diet.
  • sugar gliders need a big cage to run and play. I recommend the HQ cage. Cages, toys and cage sets need cleaned regularly. You will provide a proper size cage for your sugar gliders.
  • sugar gliders need their nails trimmed about once a month. This will help them from getting caught on the cage sets.

I have read, understand and agree to MyGliders policies.

  • I am at least 18 years old and I will show my driver's license to MyGliders at the time of pick up.
  • If I do not own my home I have checked with my landlord and he/she will allow me to keep such an exotic animal.
  • I will find a licensed veterinarian in my area that treats sugar gliders just in case he/she requires medical attention.
  • All our sugar gliders are sold to pet only homes, unless purchased by a USDA licensed breeder. If your a USDA licensed breeder please provide your license number for the paperwork. If you are a Hooby breeder just contact me.
  • If I am not able to care for my sugar glider for any reason I will return him/her back to MyGliders. I will not resell or rehome my sugar glider.

Sugar Glider DEPOSITS

There is a 50% deposit to reserve your baby joey until he/she is 8 weeks oop, that is not refundable. This will only reserve him/her until he/she is 8 weeks oop, at 7 weeks oop you have to make arrangements to pick him/her up. If he/she is not picked up by 9 weeks I will put him/her back up for adoption unless you have made other arrangements with me. All deposits are also NON TRANSFERABLE. They can not be transferred to a different sugar glider or to another person if you change your mind. If the sugar glider is put back up for adoption the people on my waiting list have first chance of adopting them.

Your Contact Information

I will need you to email me with your contact information. I will need your name, an address and phone number before a deposit is made. At the time of pick up I will need your drivers license number for my USDA paperwork. My USDA license number goes on the paperwork. I also don't like to give out my information but I have to have it for the USDA paperwork. If it makes you feel better I will also show you my drivers license and put it on the USDA paperwork too. There is three copies of the USDA paperwork, Buyer (you get), Seller (I keep) and USDA copy. I will also need the tag number of the vehicle that transports the baby sugar glider.