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Ask yourself is a sugar glider the right pet for me? 

Sugar gliders can be wonderful family pets. They can be very sweet, trusting, friendly, and cuddly, but this takes a lot of time. They are the perfect pocket pet. They bond with you and you can take them every where with you. But before you get one you need to ask yourself a few questions.


  • Do I have the time to spend with them to keep them tame, or to tame it if it's not tame?
  • Do I need two? They are very social animals. They do best when they are at least in pairs.
  • How often will I take them out of their cage at night?
  • Will I carry them with me at all?
  • Do I have a problem with them using the restroom on me? They can not be litter trained.
  • Do I have a problem getting bitten? As sweet and loving as one may be, they are still an animal that could bite you.
  • Do I have a big enough cage for them?
  • Do I have a problem with picking up bugs? They eat bugs, fruit, and veggies.
  • Do I have a safe wheel? They need this for exercise.


After asking yourself those questions. If you're ready to adopt a baby or two, check out my available joeys to see if you're interested in one. If you're interested my adoption process is very simple. Send me a email or call/text me with your contact information and of course which baby your interested in. If they are still available, you can reserve him/her with a deposit (your deposit is not refundable) that will hold him/her for you until they are 8 weeks OOP and ready to go to their new home. I will keep you updated on their progress as they grow and ask that you keep in contact with me. You can let me know when you have picked out a name and I'll add it to my web site.The remainder of the adoption fee is expected in cash on the day you pick up your new babies. I do NOT ship my babies. You will need to make arrangements to pick them up.


To ensure my baby joeys stay healthy they will not leave until they are fully eating and using the restroom on their own. They will be around 8 weeks OOP.


Lakeland, FL